Hey, look at me! I’m a blogger!

So, here is my bare-bones blog. I’ll spruce it up as I go along, but I haven’t figured out all of the bells and whistles yet. A friend of mine once told me that my Facebook posts about my kids were like a mini blog. After I found myself adding more and more photos and wanting to tell more of the stories behind the photos, I started to consider this blog thing a little more seriously. Plus, with most of our friends and family being several hours away, it seems like a good way to allow them to get mini glimpses into our life here, aside from my Facebook status updates. I’m a visual person, after all. So I plan to post lots of photos.

I don’t have a grand plan for this blog. Those of you that know me well know my mind can wander in strange directions. But I’m sure that posts related to our adventures in parenting our two young kids will dominate this page. I’ve also got a passion for photography, mostly inspired by my passion for my two young kids. So I’m constantly trying to learn more about that. I’ve dabbled in art (on and off) all my life and hope for it to eventually turn into more of a serious hobby, next to learning about photography and parenting our two young kids. (Not that my kids are a hobby…) I’m trying to get back on the art wagon and will share any progress I make here. And… if you paid any attention to my Facebook posts this summer, you may also have noticed I was a bit obsessed with my garden. So I’ll probably post more about that. I may also blog a bit about cooking, another interest of mine, and will share any great recipes that I come across. Beyond that and whatever new interests I develop between now and then, don’t be surprised if you see some random ramblings along the lines of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.

I hope you’ll stay in touch and I’d love to get your feedback on anything you see here. Thanks so much!


5 responses to “Hey, look at me! I’m a blogger!

  1. well congratulations on your knew blog.. and wish you all the best… i will defo be looking forward to seeing what you will be posting here…

  2. Great idea, Jess! I look forward to reading about your ❤

  3. Okay…dunno what happened to that post. It was supposed to read, “I look forward to reading about your adventures.” 🙂

  4. Congrats Blogger!! Love the idea and the name:) I always enjoy seeing your pictures and new adventures! Looking forward to your posts!

  5. Yeah! I will follow your Blog sista, no doubt! xoxo

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