Simple Things Sunday: Our Seedlings

I’ve been following several photography blogs and there are many that do 52-week photo projects. The idea is that you work on improving your photography by submitting a photo that you took that fits the theme that the host has chosen for that week. These projects seem really fun, but kind of daunting to me. So, I haven’t participated in any yet.

This past week, however, I revisited one of these blogs, Simple As That, and decided I would try to start doing her “Simple Things Sunday” project. You post one image every Sunday that represents “the simple things” and, as Rebecca said, it’s “all about celebrating the simple things and simple joys that make you smile each week”. I like that. That’s totally my speed and it’s the way I like to photograph my family, anyway. In fact, I’d like to improve how I photograph life’s little moments.

So here’s my first Simple Things Sunday post, and it’s people-less. But I assure you, at least two of us have been smiling all week about the subject of this photo! My son and I planted two seed trays last weekend, and every day new sprouts have been popping up. In fact, we check the trays multiple times a day to see what’s going on with our sprouts. The seedlings are so small and fragile; it’s hard to imagine that some of them will turn into plants that are taller than we are within a few months!

Here are our “Sweetie” cherry tomato plant seedlings reaching for the sky! They were one of my daughter’s favorite tomatoes last year and I hope she enjoys them just as much this year!

"Sweetie" cherry tomato seedlings outdoing their neighbors


21 responses to “Simple Things Sunday: Our Seedlings

  1. emily lehman 10-21-11

    This is really inspiring to me. Keep up the good work!!!

    • Thanks, Emily! I have one more seed tray to plant. I think I ordered a packet of those little pear-shaped cherry tomatoes… maybe a yellow variety? I’ll be sure to share some with you. We’ll have plenty of other plants to share too.

  2. I can ‘t wait to start our seeds for our garden. Here in a few weeks!!

  3. Great capture, reminds me I need to start planning out this years crops 🙂

  4. Seedlings make me smile too…from seed to harvest to consumption…truly one of the simplest pleasures there is, and it only gets better as we see it about thru the eyes of our children.

    Blessings Kelsie

    • Well said, Kelsie! I enjoy gardening with my kids so much more than if I did it all by myself. They find it all so interesting and magical, which makes it all the more magical for me!

  5. Greate shot, love the water drops on the seedlings.

  6. Totally agree with you, I looove all those photo challenges but I don’t think I have the time, energy, brain capacity, creativity or skill for that at the moment… I started the simple things in January and it’s really great and a lot of fun. Glad you joined!

    And I really like your photo – good luck with the seedlings!

    Happy Sunday,

    • Yes Swenja, I’m usually pretty focused on my kids and having this blog is my big creative outlet these days, besides photography and gardening. Having to focus on a particular theme would be too much for me to keep up with. Maybe eventually! 🙂

  7. Great photo and storytelling. I love the Simple Things because beyond working on my photography, it really helps me step back, take notice and appreciate the little, simple things of everyday life.

    • Exactly, Janice! I’ve already taken several more photos with next week’s Simple Things post in mind! I agree, it’s those little details that seem so insignificant at the time, but together tell the story of our lives. Why not record them?

  8. Great idea Jess.

    • Thanks, Uncle Joe! You should consider joining a photo project like this. It’s great practice and gets you thinking about the types of subjects you’d like to photograph.

  9. We had the same idea for Simple Things Sunday this week. My little one planted his strawberry tree yesterday … I hope we did the planting right …. I am going to see if I can find the post you did on the avocado planting. Thanks for visiting me on my blog.

    • Thanks for visiting! I hope your son’s strawberries do well. We have a lot of strawberry seedlings in a seed tray, but I’m guessing they won’t fruit this year. Let me know if you can’t find that avocado post! I have two avocados here in my kitchen, so I may save a pit and try it out myself!

  10. what a great capture! so excited to have you join us each sunday! 🙂

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