Snow Day!

On Monday we got a very unexpected snow storm. When I woke at 7am in the morning and looked out the window to discover heavy snow falling, and already an inch or two on the ground, I immediately blamed my surprise on my being out of touch with the news, including any important weather forecasts. Turns out, even the local weather forecasters didn’t see this one coming.

This was the first solid snowfall this winter that we were home to enjoy, and my kids were really excited about it. The best part is, they’re not school-age yet, so their joy was purely from the sight of the snow, not from missing a day of school. They stayed by the window to watch the snow falling for quite a while.

Finally, I got them dressed and downstairs. We ate a quick breakfast and then put their snowsuits on to go outside and play in the snow. They had a blast. We even made up a new game… “snow soccer”! The snow was falling hard and fast, though, so it wasn’t long before they grew tired of trudging around in it and we went inside. But before our snow time was complete, I made sure we got the obligatory siblings-in-their-snowsuits picture!


8 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. Aww! Love the pictures at the window! Beautiful!

  2. Snow suit looks very familiar 🙂 I have a similiar picture of Chloe in this snowsuit with her cousin

  3. Great pic’s love the monochrome pic’s

  4. They looked like they enjoyed it! I always loved to wake to a surprise like that! Kids make snow magical and your pictures help me feel like I don’t have to miss it all ……thanks for making Nana feel a part of it!!!!

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