First Harvest from the Children’s Garden

I was out watering the garden this evening and noticed some red peeking out of the corner of the children’s garden, where  my son planted a bunch of radish seeds all in one little spot. They are a little crowded there, so I couldn’t see much under the dense clump of radish leaves without making it a point to look. But when I caught a glimpse of red, I suddenly remembered what a short time it takes for radishes to grow. I took a closer look and saw that there were a few that were probably big enough to pull. I knew my son would love this, so I let him know that he had some radishes in his garden that were ready. He was thrilled! We actually had to talk him into not pulling the rest of them because they weren’t ready. He held one up in the air to show his dad and yelled “Daddy! It’s the biggest radish I ever saw!”

The kids’ garden is so much fun! And they are taking great care of it. My son even mulched it the other day with shredded leaves; it was his own idea. He knows what he’s growing in there, too. The other day I was pointing out and identifying the different plants in their garden, but I wasn’t sure what the one little section of small seedlings were in the middle. He said “I know, Mommy! Those are rainbow carrots!” That’s absolutely what they were! I was so proud. 🙂

Here are our first radishes. I couldn’t get D to taste them, though. So I ate them, and they were delicious.


11 responses to “First Harvest from the Children’s Garden

  1. That’s great! I haven’t even gotten my radishes in the ground yet…stupid mountains…

  2. YAY! I can’t wait for our radishes to get so plump!

    • It won’t be long! I have a random radish patch growing in the main garden where I must’ve accidentally dumped a brand new, nearly-full packet of seeds while I was planting a row of lettuce. Not sure how I did that, but once I realized I had dumped them, I decided to just let them go. I wasn’t going to sit there and pick them all up. It’ll be radishes galore here soon!

  3. Yeah for first harvests! Aydan is growing his own garden as well. I will be very surprised if anything really grows. He stole my package of carrots and dumped them in one spot, he picked out a package of pumpkins and random flowers, then I caught him saving the seeds out of an apple, orange, lemon, and grape fruit and planted them in his garden. LOL

  4. Love it! He has a memory as good as yours! 😉

  5. Thanks for peeking into my door of insanity. May you have much success in the garden this year – I’m only now starting 😦

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