Berry Vanilla Yogurt Freeze Pops

While browsing the kitchen gadget aisle at the grocery store the other day (one of my favorite aisles, by the way), I saw they had some freeze pop molds. Making our own freeze pops is something I’ve been thinking of doing with the kids for quite a while, but I didn’t have the molds. I thought it would be fun to whip up a delicious and healthy treat and get them (well, at least my oldest) involved. He likes helping in the kitchen. So, I grabbed the last two sets of molds in the store.

The freeze pop molds were made by Crayola and they came with some recipe cards. I didn’t have *exactly* the ingredients on the cards, so I worked with what I had. I think it worked out, though, because the pops we concocted were delicious and maybe even a tad more nutritious. Here’s what we used, which was about double the volume of what was listed on the card because we were filling two sets of molds:

  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 1 cup berry juice*
  • 1 tsp vanilla

* For the berry juice, we used some black raspberries that we had in the freezer. My father-in-law picked a bunch last year and gave some to us and, frankly, I forgot they were in there. (Woops!) We put about a cup (give or take) of berries in a sauce pan and heated them over medium heat until they were soft and juicy. Then we mashed the berries and strained the juice. I added about three level tablespoons of sugar to the juice to compensate for the fact that I was using plain yogurt rather than the vanilla-flavored yogurt that the recipe called for, as well as our own pure berry juice, rather than using store-bought juice. I worried that without a little sugar, the pops might be too tangy. Once the sugar dissolved we added enough water to the juice to make the total volume 1 cup.

We mixed all of the ingredients together in the blender, and then D filled the molds!

This recipe made six pops, with a little left over. It got a little messy, but he really enjoyed this and couldn’t wait until the pops were ready to eat. About five minutes after putting them in the freezer, he was already asking me if they were ready. 🙂

Some friends came over for dinner that night and their daughter and D each had a freeze pop. They both loved them. In fact, she liked the pop so much that she wanted a second and even asked for the recipe. Success!


7 responses to “Berry Vanilla Yogurt Freeze Pops

  1. Pauline Grady

    Totally looking for freeze pop molds now….great reading….love your blog…:)

  2. Very innovative Jess sounds good. Hope everybody has a Happy Easter.

  3. I loved making things with my boys when they were small. These look delish…will be even more enjoyable eating than making!

  4. I hope Mr. D saves one for when Nana visits!

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