Simple Things Sunday: My Fearless Toddler

Miss D loves her shoes. She loves getting her cousin’s hand-me-down dress shoes out of her closet and putting them on, walking around in her Hello Kitty boots, or wearing her big brother’s sneakers. This had me thinking that perhaps she’ll be a girly girl who loves playing dress-up and changing her clothes, but this past weekend she showed me another side.

We visited family on Easter and I took three different dresses for us to choose from, some stockings, and a pair of shiny shoes for her to wear. I thought she would love being dressed up, but she wouldn’t have any of it. She wanted only her comfortable, everyday clothes with her comfortable, everyday, on-their-last-leg pair of shoes. At first, I thought this was because she was overtired and I woke her from her nap to go to the family Easter party; surely that had something to do with it.

The sour attitude didn’t last, though. She was mostly content at the party and was going strong several hours later. In fact, near the end of the party she got on a trampoline that was there with three bigger kids–all rowdy boys–and she held her own and had a blast! The oldest of the three boys even remarked “she’s tough!”

She’s a brave one. Fearless, really. And whether she grows up to be a girly girl or a tomboy, it doesn’t matter to me. I just love watching her be who she is: my girl!

Here's a photo I took of her while she was on the trampoline. The combination of the rubbery surface, the dry air, and the bouncing caused the kids with any amount of hair to have it sticking up in all directions. Add a little wind and you get a wicked mohawk!


24 responses to “Simple Things Sunday: My Fearless Toddler

  1. That is some fabulous hair! Glad you had your camera!

    • Thanks, Cari! Me too! I almost always have it with me these days. I hate when I am somewhere watching some amazing photo opportunity unfold and while my camera is at home.

  2. Adorable and too funny! Love the little mohawk!

  3. haha the hair is grand! I caught a photo like that last year when a friend visited with her daughter, who has bright red, long hair. So funny. Love the look on her face, it’s such a great capture! And maybe she’ll be both – running around with the boys and playing dress up later on?

    • I bet the photo you got was great! Yes, she’ll probably be a mix of both. I hope I don’t sound like I’m wishing her to be a girly girl! I think that I just thought she might be, with the way she likes to play with shoes. But if I was wrong, I’m totally okay with that! πŸ™‚

  4. emily lehman 10-21-11

    Yes I agree she did have a great time on that trampoline!!She really did come alive once she got in there. We somehow can’t change who they want to be—She is adorable the way she is and we all love her just the same–You know how much I enjoy those grandkids soo much. Declan was a giggling so hard also–He makes everything so much fun –WHAT A JOY!!

    • Thanks, Emily. Yes, I’m not trying to change who she is. I just think that maybe I misunderstood her interest in shoes. That’s all. Either way, it was fun to watch them both on the trampoline and to watch her hold her own with the boys.

  5. Oh man! This picture is so hilarious! I love the pictures that aren’t posed, but real raw moments, real smiles…the fun was definitely captured!

  6. chichomeschoolmama

    That is TOO FUN!!!!!

  7. So cute! I love her expression, looks like she’s having fun!

  8. Too funny!!! Love it. Made me smile. πŸ™‚

  9. eclecticschooling

    Oh what fun! Love that sweet smile πŸ˜‰ Looks like she had a blast at the party.

    • Thanks, Eclectic! I’m partial to her smile too. πŸ™‚ But it’s tough to get her to smile for the camera (if not impossible), so it’s great when I can catch her like this.

  10. What a great moment you’ve captured. What a cutie – mohawk and all πŸ™‚

  11. that photo is SOOOO fun! thanks for sharing it with us!! πŸ™‚

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