Potatoes Breaking Ground

I’ve been patiently waiting for signs of growth from the potatoes I planted on March 30th. I had bought the potatoes at least two weeks (probably longer) before planting them and some of them had grown some pretty lanky sprouts on them while sitting in the basement. I wasn’t sure what that would mean for them after they were planted. With a little bit of concern, I’ve been watching the patch where I planted six short rows–three Kennebec and three red-skinned potatoes–waiting for signs of green poking up through the earth. I finally started seeing it a couple of days ago. Here’s the leader of the pack.

It’s just so satisfying to bury a dry, seemingly lifeless seed (or in this case, a chunk of potato) in the soil and see it emerge in a splash of green just days later. I think it’s especially exciting with the potatoes. It’s like a dark green rosette pushing its way up through the crust; not even so much a “splash” of green, but more like a “punch”.

We’re going to have a lot of fun digging these guys up in a few months! Happy gardening!


One response to “Potatoes Breaking Ground

  1. emily lehman 10-21-11

    Sure enough they are peeking through the ground–probably the warmer weather brought them out–So rewarding to watch them grow.

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