Simple Things Sunday: Scallion Blossoms

I’ve been enjoying the Simple Things photography link-up. There are some great photos posted every week, but I gotta say some of my favorites have been from  Gigi Marie Photography, especially her macro photography. She takes some amazingly creative photos of sometimes ordinary things using a macro lens. For instance, check out her photos of the sewing machine needle from last week’s Simple Things post. Awesome.

Though her skills and equipment are definitely a cut above mine, I do have a 100mm f2.8 telephoto/macro lens that I bought a few years ago, so this week I decided to try to get creative with it in the garden. The scallions that I planted from seed last summer are blooming, and there is just something about onion blooms that I love. So, I captured a few close-ups.

The photos would have been crisper if I had used a tripod, but it was getting late and the sun was setting. I stole a few moments before supper time to get these photos, keeping one eye on the kids to make sure they weren’t getting themselves into any trouble. There just wasn’t time for a tripod. In fact, in the five or ten minutes I took to take these photos, our basset hound snatched and ate a handful of radishes we had just picked. Bummer.

Lastly, I wouldn’t normally choose to go monochrome with garden produce, but I thought the combination of the structure of the blossoms and the low sun shining on them created some nice shadows, lending them to black-and-white. I also love the texture of thin, papery sheath these flowers are pushing their way out of. The first photo is on the soft side, but I thought there was something sexy and moody about it. (Imagine that… a scallion being sexy and moody.)

In the future, I probably won’t plant scallions from seed. They take FOREVER to grow! But I am enjoying their beauty.


10 responses to “Simple Things Sunday: Scallion Blossoms

  1. Love the black &whites of the scallions. I had a advanced class in photography yesterday .Send you some pic’s soon. If you have the time send more pic’s of the kids I enjoy them alot.

  2. Thanks for the great link suggestion! Your photos are great! I can’t seem to make the simple things logo come up on my post. I must read up more – so much to learn!

    • Hi Jess! Thanks! Regarding the logo, did you make sure you were on the html tab (rather than visual) when doing your new post? That’s what I did wrong the first time. Paste the html code when you’re on the html tab, go back to the visual tab and the logo/photo should be there. So glad you’re going to join us!

  3. Great pics. Jess

  4. These are stunning! The directional light in the second photo is spot on! Makes me ache for a macro lens!! Thank you for stop by! FYI – Your blog title made me chuckle – once I figured out how to pronounce it. Very creative.

  5. I am not getting sexy and moody…but I am getting the simple beauty of nature….. 😉

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