Embrace the Camera: Wine Festival Fun

A couple of weekends ago I went with my son and his grandma to Ash Lawn-Highland for a wine festival, where we met a couple of other family members. It was my birthday weekend and I was really excited to be able to spend a little time relaxing at a wine festival. There are a ton of wineries here in central Virginia, but with two small kids and a husband who is not much of a wino, I haven’t been able to do much wine tasting or touring yet. I’m looking forward to touring some of the vineyards this summer with some girlfriends, though!

D enjoyed the festival a lot too! He got to see some animals, the most exciting one being a peacock! Here is a photo and him and me with the chickens.

The roosters were neat, but the peacock was especially exciting, though we didn’t get to see him with his tail fanned out.

D’s other favorite part of the festival was listening to the folk band that was performing. He even asked me to go over and tell them they were good singers. I couldn’t get him to tell them himself or to go with me, but the singer seemed tickled by the compliment when I relayed the message. She even looked over to him, smiled, and waved, which tickled him. We bought one of their CD’s and listened to it on the way home.

Ash Lawn-Highland is so beautiful and scenic! D thought so too; he especially loved checking out the herd of cows that passed by in the adjacent field.

And, of course he never passes up an opportunity to have time with Grandma!

Now… on to planning that winery tour! 🙂


8 responses to “Embrace the Camera: Wine Festival Fun

  1. happyhooligans

    Your photos are always so dreamy, Jessica! Just gorgeous!

    • Awe – thanks! I always enjoy your posts too! I want to try several of your projects with my kids… especially those paper mache bowls! Oh – I did fill up a little play sink we have with warm soapy water and let them play with that after seeing one of your recent posts. They loved it and were busy with that for quite a while!

  2. Great pic’s Jess

  3. emily lehman 10-21-11

    This was a very fun time and yes he sure did like the music–He sat for a long time and listened and was very interested, the animals were a treat to him. Thanks so much!! Love Grandma!!

  4. That photo of D on the fence is so great! And yay for you being in front of the camera, too!

  5. Love the photos – very cool.

    • Thanks, Jennifer! It was a lot of fun. I just have to figure out how to make a wine festival sound enticing to my husband, who doesn’t like wine, or crowds. He keeps mentioning that he wants to do a local brewery tour, so I think some negotiation is in order. 🙂

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