Embrace the Camera: DJ’s Second Birthday

Last year when my baby girl’s first birthday rolled around, I couldn’t bear to not spend the day with her, so I took the day off and had some quality mommy-and-daughter time. This year I wanted to do the same thing. Today is DJ’s second birthday and since she only takes one nap now, we could squeeze a little more in than we dad list year (which wasn’t much except for a little bit of shopping).

We started by visiting the garden store. That was more for mommy, but DJ didn’t mind. After that we went to Bounce-n-Play and spent a couple of hours there, though that might not have been the best choice on mommy’s part because DJ is still a little too small and timid to climb on some of the bounce houses/slides. She had fun in the toddler area, though. We had lunch while we were there. I could tell my girl was getting tired after lunch, so we headed home, stopping on the way for some frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog. We got chocolate frozen yogurt and topped it with cheesecake cubes, strawberries, pretzels, Reese’s pieces, and cookie dough balls. DJ liked the pretzels and Reese’s best.

I didn’t take my camera along (though, I’m regretting it a little) because I didn’t want to lug it around and I wanted to try to just be present and enjoy our time together. I did take several photos with my phone, which aren’t great quality. Here’s a fun little series of photos of me and my girl after our sweet treat.

This is her favorite funny face to make. Isn’t she cute?


9 responses to “Embrace the Camera: DJ’s Second Birthday

  1. seriously, that ‘funny face’ is to die for!!! I am so glad you took the day off to spend with your sweet girl. What a perfect day! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I will stop in again!

  2. emily lehman 10-21-11

    Oh My gosh—-these pictures are so cute. She is a doll baby. Happy birthday DJ!!!

  3. I love that I got to see her fun on her birthday! Love you all!

  4. what a beautiful little girl!! so happy!!

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  6. Yes you are both

  7. Wow, it does not get any cuter than that.

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