Simple Things Sunday: Magical Mushrooms

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I guess we’ve gotten carried away with the summer. We’ve been busy working on a playhouse for our kids, so that’s been taking up a lot of our free time lately. (More on that later.) The garden has also been a bit of a disappointment this year, so I haven’t had much to share in that arena. I made some rookie gardening mistakes that have made keeping up with its maintenance, with two small kids around, pretty hard to do. (More on that later too.)

We’ve gotten a lot of rain over the past couple of weeks. Seems like every afternoon we get a thunderstorm. When the rain is plentiful around here, so are the mushrooms. I actually bought a field guide to mushrooms, but haven’t used it nearly as much as my reptiles/amphibians or spiders/insects field guides. But I do enjoy the sight of the colorful little mushrooms that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

I spotted these three orange mushrooms growing at the base of a tree near our driveway today.

I wanted to get some photos of them, and my son came along. But for some reason he decided to throw rocks at them while I photographed them, eventually breaking one of them. I was pretty disappointed, as I had asked him several times to stop, but he didn’t. So, I let him know I was disappointed, which must have made him feel bad because he insisted on leading me to another group of mushrooms he had found earlier today. He said they were “so tiny and cute” and he was sure I’d like to photograph them just as much.  At first I just wanted to put the camera away, but he was persistent, so I followed him and he led me to this amazing little patch of beautiful mushrooms.

How magical are these little mushrooms? I loved photographing them and I couldn’t help imagine myself as a tiny person, creature, or even a smurf, hanging out underneath them. (Seriously, where’s Smurfette?) So, I took about 20 pictures of them, then kissed and hugged my son and thanked him for showing me the special patch of mushrooms he found today… they were much more fun to photograph than the three I started with!


13 responses to “Simple Things Sunday: Magical Mushrooms

  1. I love these photos, Jessica! How magical! Surely there were fairies near-by!

  2. I like the color, they look like they have a sheen on top interesting.

    • I wish I knew what kind they were, but I am not confident in identifying mushrooms, even with a field guide. Browsing my book (and cruising the internet a little), it looks like they could be “scarlet waxy cap” mushrooms.

  3. How beautiful and vibrant!! Always always think of fairies and magical creatures when I see such beautiful mushrooms!

  4. I can’t get over the brillance of the Mango Tangerine…color of the year♥ of the mushrooms! Beautiful…you should submit these photos to a few magazines!
    laurie @ pride in photos

    • Thanks, Laurie! I’m so pleased that you like them that much! They were so fun to photograph! I’ve spotted a lot more mushrooms around our yard, but none as cute as these.

  5. OK, those are seriously cute! They’d be super cute with a little gnome. LOL

  6. chichomeschoolmama

    How interesting those are! So vibrant!

  7. Evidently D thought they were out of the ordinary also. He is some wonderful grandson–Love him and miss both of them so much. Don’t think I have ever seen mushrooms so pretty. Good job!!!

  8. I think they were very magical…..oh yes, they are pretty….but I think they are magical, because Deekie hurt your feelings and he knew it…..and the little guy wanted to make it better….and he did it by reaching into his recall of finding those beauties… much here to be thankful for! It is a loving story…. 😉

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