Simple Things Sunday: Temporary Tattoos

Little Buddy LOVES temporary tattoos. Every time we’re at the doctor’s office and he gets to choose something out of the “goodie” cabinet, he goes for the temporary tattoos. We were there the other day and he wanted to apply the tattoo he picked out before we even left the building.

On Friday, after already having one temporary tattoo on his hand, he asked where we had more. (We usually have a few sitting around, from doctor’s visits, holidays, or parties at preschool.) We found a small stash of five or six and he decided to put all of them on. Then he beamed proudly at all of his tattoos, most of which were on is legs. It really is the simple things that make us happy, isn’t it?


7 responses to “Simple Things Sunday: Temporary Tattoos

  1. They say tattoos are addictive

  2. The Smile tells it all and yes little things mean alot—some of the least expensive things are what they enjoy. Did he go to the Dr. for his cough? email me as to what the said. OK! ! Thanks for the post — they are really good pictures.

  3. He is just so adorable……I see your mom in his eyes….xo


  4. The smile tells it all—-Some of the least expensive things puts a smile on children’s faces. Thanks for the cute picture. I’ll cherrish them. Hope he is OK!!

  5. So Cute! My son won’t let us put tattoos on him any more. He hated how one from a restaurant took 2 weeks of scrubbing to get it off.

  6. Getting so big.

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