Simple Things Sunday: Trailblazing

Daddy got a new tractor recently and today he went into the woods behind our house (which we don’t often venture into because of the undergrowth and abundance of spiders, ticks, and chiggers) and cleared a walking trail for us! Afterward, three of us took a walk and used clippers to clear some of the smaller branches that were blocking the new path.

Little Buddy was excited to sit on this rocky outcropping and wanted me to take a picture. I took a few of him looking at the camera (saying “cheeese…burg…eeerrrrrrrrr”), but this one is my favorite. Our neighbors have a similar outcropping that they call “Rock Mountain”, so I asked D what he wanted to call this rock. He said “Smile Rock”.

I’m looking forward to adding some fun elements to the trail… maybe some faces on trees, or a log-stump table and chairs. Eventually maybe we’ll put in a rope web between a couple of trees to climb on. So much possibility! I’ll have to revisit my “outdoor play” board on Pinterest to see what else we can do out there. Do you have any ideas? I envision lots of walks and scavenger hunts with the kids back there, now that we can get around a little easier. Thanks, Daddy!


4 responses to “Simple Things Sunday: Trailblazing

  1. What a magical place to play! I can’t wait to see what you do to it! We have a ravine behind our place, but we can’t really do too much to it because it actually belongs to another neighbour. I’d LOVE to set up an outdoor classroom down there! Have a wonderful time transforming your new play space! Smile rock. I love that!

  2. What a fun place this will be! Love the photos so much. 🙂 Thanks for linking up with the simple things!! 🙂

  3. Like an enchanted forest….love it!!!! Wish we could do something like that….take picks of whatever you do….:)

  4. Smile Rock –So darn cute–You guys have a great adventure trail. Thanks Jess!!

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