A Beautiful Day for a Hike

It’s been so warm outside! It’s almost impossible to come up with an excuse to NOT be out there. Last week the four of us went to a nearby park that has a small network of trails. My son LOVES this sort of thing. He loves to lead the way while we follow. My daughter also enjoys being out in the woods, but we’re usually slow to get our act together on the weekends and we didn’t get to the trails until almost lunchtime, which is always followed by a nap for my daughter. So, she was starting to fade and we had to carry her much of the way. (I confess, part of me really looks forward to when we drop that afternoon nap!)

Of course, I had to bring my camera (much to my husband’s dismay, who said “Next time we go hiking, no camera!”) I guess I’m just not smooth enough with it to not let it slow us down. But I know if I hadn’t taken it, I would have been wishing I had. So, it’s always better if I take it along… “just in case”. πŸ˜‰

It wasn’t long after we set off that my daughter asked to be carried. (Why do I always forget to bring that Ergo?) We took turns carrying her, but she got a special treat when Daddy put her on his shoulders.


Everybody follow while big brother leads the way!



The hikers share the trails with horses and their riders, so much of the trails are a bit muddy and heavily trodden, with horse “droppings” for us to dodge along the way. It’s not bad, but you do have to watch where you step. Little sister was happier walking in the drier stretches.



But she still wanted at least a little help getting around some of the muddy spots.


My son didn’t mind the mud. He was having a blast!


“Daddy, take a picture of me and D!”


Hiking around a bend, we came upon a small stream. The kids love to explore streams and big brother’s favorite thing to do is to jump over them.


“I told you I could jump over it!”

Little D mostly just looked around and watched with curiosity…





At one point she was mesmerized by a large pile of horse doody on the trail.


I’m not sure what she spotted overhead, but it must have been interesting!



A little wooden bench along the trail makes for a nice break and photo-op. πŸ™‚



Little D started to lose steam, so it was back up on Daddy’s shoulders!


When we got back to the parking lot, my son insisted that we sit at a picnic bench to have a snack break before heading home. So, that’s what we did. Then we went home for the rest of lunch and nap time.



We’re really loving this warm weather. However, whenever Mother Nature feels like sending some snow our way… at least enough to pack a few snowballs or make a small snowman… we’re ready. πŸ™‚


14 responses to “A Beautiful Day for a Hike

  1. Loved your shots and the story that went along with it. =) Love the curiosity that kids have too. Good to see through their eyes.

  2. Adorable ❀ Stopping in from The Simple Things πŸ™‚

  3. Bring the camera!!!! Beautiful shots!!!!! xo

  4. It is hard to believe it is January! so glad to see a family having an outing all together…you are and always have been a nature girl….and you are sharing that with your children…that is so special….the pictures are great! You will get so slick with it, they won’t even know it is there! πŸ˜‰ Love this all…and you!

  5. Great pictures! We love family hikes and hope to do more of them as the weather gets nicer. What a beautiful family you have!

  6. Jess you have to Take the camera with you all the time you take such great photos. Great way to keep track of memories that you can’t replace with your memory later on in life.

  7. Jess, Great pics., don’t let Shane talk you out of taking the camera. Joe, Bailey and I did the same thing yesterday, but there was no sunshine.

  8. Great pics!

  9. What a family history–some day this will mean alot to the kids to look back and see all of this. So lucky to have the opportunity with all nice eletronics to be able to take such great pictures.. Love the pictures and you all.

  10. ❀ wonderful!!!

  11. Lovely. Enjoying some unseasonably warm weather here as well this weekend. As much as there may be concern about global warming, the warm and sunny spells do lift the spirits! Walk in the woods with the pup. He was in heaven. Glad you enjoyed a great walk too. Lovey read.

  12. Such great photos!! πŸ™‚

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