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Simple Things Sunday: Second Birthday and Spray Ground

I posted on Thursday afternoon, the day of my daughter’s birthday, because I was eager to participate in Thursday’s Embrace the Camera link-up. However, my post was premature, as the day wasn’t over. Here is DJ testing the icing on her birthday cake that the four of us shared after supper. She was a little hesitant at first and seemed confused by the two candles on the cake and our singing, but eventually dove right in.

Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet girl!

After dinner a quick shower rolled through and she was having fun watching it through the open door. She even ran out onto the deck for a few moments to play while it rained.

Then she ran back in, looked outside and said “wow! see?”

The next day I took the two of them to a spray ground. DJ was a little nervous about the whole thing, but Mr. D got into it, despite his slow start. Still, neither were running around and getting soaked like the rest of the kids there. It was pretty new for them, though, so perhaps next time they will enjoy it more. I mean, look how fun this is?

Mr. D did finally commandeer this piece of spray equipment. It turned into a series of duels between him and several other kids who took turns sitting on the other spray dome. D had figured out how to plug a few of the holes with his fingers in order to make it spray farther, and he was spraying the kids on the other end while they tried to do the same to him. But their spray dome didn’t work nearly as well. So he was full of devilish giggles. It was funny to watch.

I’m pretty sure their favorite part of the trip to this park was pitching a blanket on the grass and having a snack. DJ even cheered “yay!” when I laid out the blanket. Here’s a sweet photo I got of the two of them enjoying the scenery.

There was a walking/biking trail nearby so after snacks we took a walk. They thought this was so exciting and were happy to lead the way! Don’t they look like they are ready to take on the world together?

We’ll be heading back to this park again very soon… especially if this heat keeps up!


Embrace the Camera: DJ’s Second Birthday

Last year when my baby girl’s first birthday rolled around, I couldn’t bear to not spend the day with her, so I took the day off and had some quality mommy-and-daughter time. This year I wanted to do the same thing. Today is DJ’s second birthday and since she only takes one nap now, we could squeeze a little more in than we dad list year (which wasn’t much except for a little bit of shopping).

We started by visiting the garden store. That was more for mommy, but DJ didn’t mind. After that we went to Bounce-n-Play and spent a couple of hours there, though that might not have been the best choice on mommy’s part because DJ is still a little too small and timid to climb on some of the bounce houses/slides. She had fun in the toddler area, though. We had lunch while we were there. I could tell my girl was getting tired after lunch, so we headed home, stopping on the way for some frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog. We got chocolate frozen yogurt and topped it with cheesecake cubes, strawberries, pretzels, Reese’s pieces, and cookie dough balls. DJ liked the pretzels and Reese’s best.

I didn’t take my camera along (though, I’m regretting it a little) because I didn’t want to lug it around and I wanted to try to just be present and enjoy our time together. I did take several photos with my phone, which aren’t great quality. Here’s a fun little series of photos of me and my girl after our sweet treat.

This is her favorite funny face to make. Isn’t she cute?

Embrace the Camera: Four Generations Times Two

In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, I thought I would share these two photos because they both include two special mothers in my life: my mom, Carol, and my grandmother, Elinor. My great-grandmother, Pearl, is in the first photo with us and the bottom photo shows us with my baby girl at her first birthday party. So, between the two photos we’ve got five generations!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom and Gram! I love you both!

Four generations the day of my christening, summer 1974

Four generations at my baby girl’s first birthday party, June 2011