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Snowmaggedon 2014

Finally! A legit snow day. We’ve had several school closings for ice or slippery roads this year, but today we finally got a real snow day due to several inches of snow on the ground, with more snow expected tonight and more closings tomorrow. Granted, who knows when schools will actually let the kids out for the summer, since they’ve been out so much this winter. But it was fun to get out and play with them in the white stuff today. I’m not complaining! We didn’t make a snowman yet. Maybe we’ll do that tomorrow! In the meantime, here are some photos of our day today.



































He wasn’t interested in wearing his real winter coat or a pair of gloves. I decided to let him be until he decided he was ready for a heavier coat and gloves, but he never complained.




I love how she decided the sample the snow like it was an hors d’oeuvres! She sat there and nibbled on that little snowball until it was all gone.




Maddy had fun, but was ready to go in…








We hope you enjoyed your snow day, if you had one!



A Beautiful Day for a Hike

It’s been so warm outside! It’s almost impossible to come up with an excuse to NOT be out there. Last week the four of us went to a nearby park that has a small network of trails. My son LOVES this sort of thing. He loves to lead the way while we follow. My daughter also enjoys being out in the woods, but we’re usually slow to get our act together on the weekends and we didn’t get to the trails until almost lunchtime, which is always followed by a nap for my daughter. So, she was starting to fade and we had to carry her much of the way. (I confess, part of me really looks forward to when we drop that afternoon nap!)

Of course, I had to bring my camera (much to my husband’s dismay, who said “Next time we go hiking, no camera!”) I guess I’m just not smooth enough with it to not let it slow us down. But I know if I hadn’t taken it, I would have been wishing I had. So, it’s always better if I take it along… “just in case”. 😉

It wasn’t long after we set off that my daughter asked to be carried. (Why do I always forget to bring that Ergo?) We took turns carrying her, but she got a special treat when Daddy put her on his shoulders.


Everybody follow while big brother leads the way!



The hikers share the trails with horses and their riders, so much of the trails are a bit muddy and heavily trodden, with horse “droppings” for us to dodge along the way. It’s not bad, but you do have to watch where you step. Little sister was happier walking in the drier stretches.



But she still wanted at least a little help getting around some of the muddy spots.


My son didn’t mind the mud. He was having a blast!


“Daddy, take a picture of me and D!”


Hiking around a bend, we came upon a small stream. The kids love to explore streams and big brother’s favorite thing to do is to jump over them.


“I told you I could jump over it!”

Little D mostly just looked around and watched with curiosity…





At one point she was mesmerized by a large pile of horse doody on the trail.


I’m not sure what she spotted overhead, but it must have been interesting!



A little wooden bench along the trail makes for a nice break and photo-op. 🙂



Little D started to lose steam, so it was back up on Daddy’s shoulders!


When we got back to the parking lot, my son insisted that we sit at a picnic bench to have a snack break before heading home. So, that’s what we did. Then we went home for the rest of lunch and nap time.



We’re really loving this warm weather. However, whenever Mother Nature feels like sending some snow our way… at least enough to pack a few snowballs or make a small snowman… we’re ready. 🙂

Simple Things: Missing Summer

I haven’t blogged in quite a while. I think I just got tired, but I’ve also been missing it. Just needed a little break, I guess. I tend to work that way. I’m very passionate about something for a while until I burn myself out. Then I move on to something else, and eventually find my way back when the time is right.

It’s been a mild winter so far, which I have mixed feelings about. I don’t mind the mild weather, except for the fact that I find the unseasonably warm conditions (a la global warming) unsettling. Despite the light-jacket-weather, I finally took the kids to get snow boots, in anticipation of a heavy snow that we’re bound to get at some point in the coming weeks.

I don’t think I have the winter blues, but I do miss the sights and sounds of summer. I also just upgraded my Photoshop Elements software and bought some textures and brushes from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio today, so I wanted to play with some photos I took back in July. It’s a bit of a cheat for the “Simple Things Sunday” link-up, but I didn’t think anyone would mind. 😉


Then I did a little more playing with a Florabella action and got this, which I like even more.


Snow Day!

On Monday we got a very unexpected snow storm. When I woke at 7am in the morning and looked out the window to discover heavy snow falling, and already an inch or two on the ground, I immediately blamed my surprise on my being out of touch with the news, including any important weather forecasts. Turns out, even the local weather forecasters didn’t see this one coming.

This was the first solid snowfall this winter that we were home to enjoy, and my kids were really excited about it. The best part is, they’re not school-age yet, so their joy was purely from the sight of the snow, not from missing a day of school. They stayed by the window to watch the snow falling for quite a while.

Finally, I got them dressed and downstairs. We ate a quick breakfast and then put their snowsuits on to go outside and play in the snow. They had a blast. We even made up a new game… “snow soccer”! The snow was falling hard and fast, though, so it wasn’t long before they grew tired of trudging around in it and we went inside. But before our snow time was complete, I made sure we got the obligatory siblings-in-their-snowsuits picture!

A Snowy Day in January

Ok…. if Mother Nature hadn’t done a complete 180, I wouldn’t feel so compelled to post today. But, since I JUST posted about how beautiful the weather was two days ago, I couldn’t not post today, when we got our first real snow of the season. It was T-shirt weather yesterday, hats-and-mittens weather today!

There was probably less than 1/4 of an inch of snow on the ground, but my son insisted on us making a snowman. I tried to tell him there wasn’t enough snow, but his Grandma whipped up a small snowman for him a week or so ago with just a dusting on the ground. So, the sly little guy wasn’t accepting “no” for an answer.

Before we got to making our snowman, we scoured the house for the items we would need, besides snow. We found three black buttons for his coat, cut a small piece of carrot for his nose, and cut up some dark chocolate for his eyes. Next I took the handle off of a Christmas gift bag to use has his scarf. I thought we were all set, but then Declan said “We need a hat!”

Hmmm… where do we find a hat for a 6-inch snowman? We walked around the room of our house that since Christmas has been a toy-frenzied mess, looking for a small hat. I asked him if any of his toys had a small hat that we could use. With my back to him and our Christmas tree (yes, it’s still up!), I heard him say “I know, Mommy! We could use this for a hat!” I turned around and he was pointing to a little red crocheted bell that hung from the tree. It was perfect! What creativity and resourcefulness! That’s my boy!

By the way, Lightning McQueen has nothing to do with the snowman. I just liked the pic. 🙂