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I’ve really been enjoying watching our kids grow this summer, especially in terms of how they interact. When Declan was the age Delaney is now (15 months), we didn’t get to see this side of him because he didn’t have a sibling and most of his interaction with other kids occurred at daycare, when we weren’t there to see it. But Delaney has the benefit of having an older sibling around and I get to watch while their relationship as playmates unfolds. It’s fun. Even though she’s just now starting to walk, and she isn’t saying any real words yet, they seem to enjoy each others company…. most of the time. Of course, this increased interaction comes with spats over toys and the occasional “Mooooommmmmm… Delaney hit me…” But, hearing them make each other giggle makes my heart swell.

Last week they had two firsts… a tea party and some shared playtime in the sandbox.